Wedding Magician Testimonial

Interactive Wedding Magician in Scarborough Feedback:

Hi Oliver,

We just wanted to say thank you again for helping to make our big day extra special.

Our guests were still talking about your performance long after you had gone and we had to endure the kids trying to recreate your tricks all day on Sunday.

The fact that you stayed beyond your allocated time to show us both some magic after our guests had gone inside was very much appreciated.

Take care and kindest regards,

Stewart & Kerry

I love receiving testimonials from my clients, especially when I haven’t asked for one – it’s always reassuring that I’m doing my job right 🙂

Although I did receive a rather dashing bouquet of flowers after performing at one event a while back…the award for Best Testimonial Presentation so far still has to be a custom printed greetings card with a photo on the front of the groom holding his chosen playing card mid magic trick and a lovely hand written message of thanks inside! I was pleasantly surprised when I received it and it’s been on my desk ever since, I even take it with me and display it at wedding fairs! If I get chance I’ll scan in the card and add another blog post at some point.

I was hired for a few different weddings towards the end of this Summer in Scarborough – luckily all were on really sunny beautiful days, even the one in the middle of September!

Although I’m based in Leeds, I do enjoy the opportunity to travel with my work… particularly when I’m not rushed with other bookings in the same day. I like making a day out of it and also treating my girlfriend if she’s not working!

After one performance at the Ambassador Hotel as a surprise wedding drinks reception magician for 30 minutes, which went down a storm, my girlfriend and I had a great afternoon walking along Scarborough’s North Bay. After I had changed out of my formal magic attire, I even managed to get in an obligatory b-boy photo of me doing a handstand in front of the coast and castle. (Breakdancing is another passion of mine, after magic of course!)

Breakdancing in Scarborough

Anyway, my point was… I think I had a point about this post… I love travelling and performing at all sorts of different events and venues, just as much as I like performing at all the usual events in ye olde Leeds!

So if anybody is organising an event in Cuba, I’d quite like to go there and would be happy perform close up magic at a Cuban party… Anybody organising an event in Cuba…anybody? No? Ok, worth a shot!

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