How to ensure the close up magician you book doesn’t suck! Part 2

Top 10 tips to look for to ensure you hire an awesome close up magician continued…

As promised here’s the next 5 important aspects to consider when hiring a close up magician, to follow on from How to ensure the close up magician you book doesn’t suck! Part 1.

More top things to check to weed out any poor quality close up magicians…

  1. Public Liability Insurance – close up magic has a very low risk, but in the unlikely event that anything at all does go wrong, you need to ensure beforehand that the magician you have hired is fully covered with public liability insurance on the date of the performance so you have nothing to worry about. Some venues won’t even permit an uninsured magician to perform on their premises and require a copy of the entertainers insurance certificate before the event – so definitely check that the magician can send you a copy of his public liability insurance certificate if needed.
    You can be reassured that I am fully covered by £5 million worth of public liability insurance as well as £10 million employers liability insurance for larger events where I have organised several quality magicians on your behalf. If you or your venue need to see a copy of my insurance certificate, I have it scanned in and ready to email straight to you, just ask! For added peace of mind, I am also Enhanced CRB cleared.
  2. Cost – How much does a close up magician charge?” This is probably the most frequently asked question after “How the @*$% did you just do that?!” and really, there is no set answer – every event and close up magic performance is different. Several factors are usually taken into account by a good quality close up magician before calculating a quote, such as: the location, the number of guests to entertain, the performance times and duration, whether any overnight accommodation will be needed etc. The best way to find out how much a close up magician charges is to chat to the magician, provide them with as many details as possible about your event – they should then be able to give you a fair and accurate quote and suggest the best options for your particular event.
    Remember: as with most things in life – you get what you pay for. If you have received an extremely cheap quote by a magician, it may well be because they lack experience, confidence or have yet to develop the skills needed to become a quality professional close up magician.
  3. Talk to the magician – give the magician a phone call and actually chat to them to see how friendly and helpful they are instead of just communicating by email alone. A quality close up magician will be able to confidently offer help and suggestions to provide the best possible entertainment at your event based on their years of experience of what they know works well in those kind of situations.
    I’m always happy to help any potential clients, so if you want to get in touch and ask me about your event, just give me a call: 07845 694 236 
  4. Look before you book – If you feel you need to reassure yourself you are choosing the right close up magician for your event you should request a meeting. Although professional close up magicians are often busy either performing at events or dealing with bookings and enquiries, they should be able to spare a few minutes to meet up with you to have a chat in person, give you a demonstration of the kind of magic they perform and recommend how it will fit in best with your function. They may even invite you along to another event they are performing at to see them in action if they have any suitable events upcoming (although a lot of events are often private parties so that isn’t always feasible). When you meet with a close up magician in person, you can gauge whether their performance style is right for your event before committing to booking them.
    I always jump at the opportunity to meet up with somebody who is interested in booking me because each and every meeting I’ve had in the past to demonstrate my magic and chat with a potential client has resulted in them booking me for their event! This is why I was chosen by companies such as O2 and Leeds United. If you are interested in hiring me for an upcoming event, but feel you need to see my magic in person first, just let me know and we’ll arrange a suitable place and time to meet! 
  5. I just need a magician, why is all this so important? – From the above points you should be able to tell how to find a top quality close up magician and how to spot a really bad one, but here’s a summary of what the differences are and how that can affect your event… positively or negatively: 
    bad magician who lacks experience, expertise and even social skills may well make you and your guests hate magic and never want to see a magician again. With a poor quality magician you risk them treating your guests, clients or customers inappropriately and they will create a negative memory of your event for your guests…
    Entertaining close up magicianHowever, with a good close up magician you can rest assured they will provide a thoroughly entertaining service that you and your guests will remember for months, if not years to come! The close up magician will be able to share their experience and recommend tips to ensure the close up magic at your event is a complete success! A quality close up magician can definitely be trusted to be punctual, well dressed, well groomed and generally act professional and friendly at all times as well as blow your mind with awesome close up magic!

Filter out any bad close up magicians with these top 10 tips!

So now you’re aware that there are some sub-standard so-called close up magicians (who really do suck!) flaunting themselves on the internet, you should be able to filter them out through all the above important points. Going through the above checklist ensures that you will hire a top quality entertainer who you can rely on to enhance your event and ensure you are the one who is remembered for organising such a great function for your guests!

Please browse the rest of my website to decide whether I am the quality close up magician you want to hire.

When you have decided you want to hire me now, just get in touch by phone or the contact form here:
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Thanks for reading and whether you decide to hire me as your close up magician or another quality close up magician, I hope your event goes brilliantly and that these top 10 tips help to ensure you organise a great event!

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