Best Wedding Entertainer in Leeds – Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards

Professional Wedding Magician in Leeds

Towards the end of the hectic wedding magician season last year, I entered the Wedding Industry Experts Awards 2012, along with hundreds of professional wedding suppliers including wedding photographers, wedding videographers, wedding florists, wedding venues, wedding bands and of course other professional wedding magicians – pretty much every kind of wedding vendor you could think of from England, Scotland, USA, Canada, Australia and New Zealand!

I asked brides, grooms, previous clients and their guests who had actually seen me perform as a wedding magician to vote for me as the Best Entertainer (Non Musical). Not only was I competing against other wedding magicians, but a whole range of other professional wedding entertainers such as caricature artists, casinos, photo booths and other top wedding entertainers in Leeds, England and worldwide.

I was delighted that in the short space of time the voting was open I received lots of votes and encouraging messages from people who had hired me for their weddings showing their support!

Wedding Industry Experts 2012 Awards – Results

So for those lovely people who voted, you’ll probably want to know the results…

Oliver Parker – Close Up Magician
Best Entertainer (Non Musical)
Total number of votes: 109

Congratulations! You have achieved the following:
Winner: Best Entertainer (Non Musical) – Leeds
Finalist: Top 10 Best Entertainer (Non Musical) – England – Ranking: 4 of 10
Finalist: Top 100 Best Entertainer (Non Musical) – Worldwide – Ranking: 8 of 100

Not only was I awarded the best wedding entertainer in Leeds award, but I was also a finalist coming 4th overall in the country and ranking in the top 10 (coming 8th) in the whole world, wow!

So, a massive thank you for all of my previous clients and fans – the wonderful Brides & Grooms and their guests who voted for me as the best wedding entertainer in Leeds – you deserve a magic trick (just ask me to show you some magic next time you see me!).

I already have plenty of weddings booked in for 2013 so look forward to another fun year helping couples celebrate their special day in style!

If you want to add a bit of extra magic to your wedding day, I’d love to be your wedding magician…



Starting the New Year with a hand job!

Joking aside, what better way to kick-start 2013 than with my first ever hand job…
As cringe worthy as the connotations sound, it was just as exciting for me as you’re thinking but I didn’t actually take my pants off!

Hand Model

On Wednesday and Thursday (2nd & 3rd January 2013) I was hired by Leeds based Mezzo Films specifically for my supreme finger dexterity and card handling expertise to hand model for a television commercial.

While I cannot yet reveal details about what the ad is or who it is for, it was an absolutely awesome day and a half working with the crew and make-up artist at Mezzo so I just wanted to give you all an exciting update, as my New Year’s resolution is to update my blog and provide more videos for you after all…

magician hand model for television commercial

I need to get some more sun, damn this country!

So, my girlfriend will be highly amused that for the first time in my life I had to wear fake tan and make-up, but only on my hands and arms. I looked a little like I’d been sun bathing wearing a balaclava, trousers, socks and a t-shirt. All to get a lovely skin tone for the camera instead of my pale-ass natural skin colour… and I’m supposed to be mixed race!

In the photos, taken with me looking a little tired at the end of the day, you can see with tan and make-up still applied on my left arm and all removed from my right arm.

television commercial hand model

Close up magician on set

As you can imagine, in between shots there’s a bit of waiting around involved so naturally I kept the guys entertained through the 2 days with my magic. Here’s a quick video from my phone:

Borrowed iPhone and balloon close up magic

I’d love to tell you more about the last 2 days, but you’ll just have to wait until I’m allowed to say!
Overall I had such a good laugh and great time in general working with the highly professional Mezzo Films so would definitely recommend them for any corporate video production or television commercial needs.

Now I’m off to research my new possible sideline career as a hand model 😛
As a full time magician, I wonder whether it is worth getting my hands insured anyway?!

Next up, I still have a few late Christmas parties to perform at this month and some other events thrown in too, so a pretty exciting start to the year!

Happy New Year to all you lovelies, remember to pursue your passions and have as much fun as possible in 2013!

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