Jack French London LTD – Corporate magician

Jack French London St. Pancras UnveilingValentine’s Day St. Pancras International Station – Magician London

Last Thursday (14th February 2013) I was hired by the fabulous handbag company Jack French London to be their corporate magician at a Valentine’s day promotional event held at London’s St. Pancras International Station with media and celebrity attendance, exciting stuff!

Keep read on to find out what happened…

Corporate magician – branding magic with Jack French London photo:

Corporate Magician Oliver Parker - Jack French London I prepared several brand specific magic tricks leading up to the event to help the name and image stick in people’s minds in a truly memorable way! There’s a video above of me showing my sceptical brother and his partner just one of the bits of magic I was performing on the day.

Last minute I also thought about doing something with one of the Jack French London t-shirts they gave me just a day before, but I wanted to dress marginally smarter on the day so decided not to go with a t-shirt, here’s a quick video of me practising though for your enjoyment:

Magician for promotional events – T-shirt magic trick:

(Apologies for the crumbs on the kitchen surface, I’d just made sandwiches to fuel me for the long day ahead!)

London event entertainersThursday morning I hopped on the train straight to London for the grand unveiling – Jack French had designed a limited edition St. Pancras clutch bag with only 50 available, but not only that – they’d created a gigantic mock-up to style out the lady of the ‘Meeting place statue’ upstairs at the end of the Grand Terrace.

Before guests started to arrive I kept the waiting photographers and reporters happy with close up card magic, but a crowd quickly gathered around mid day for the big unveiling with press, photographers, videographers, a string quartet and ballroom dancers all building up the excitement…

Corporate Magician entertaining staff - Jack French London

Whilst I was in full mix and mingle magician mode with a group of guests, one of them turned and mentioned: “Oh, Kate’s arrived.”Kate Moss was stood not too far away with her big anti-paparazzi sunglasses on, a second later a photographer pushed passed me and ran towards her! Unfortunately, the rush of photographers scared Kate Moss away before I had chance to meet her as she legged it into a nearby restaurant for lunch to avoid all the attention! But not before Jack French managed to get a photo with her – all good for their promotion I suppose!

Corporate Magician entertaining press - Jack French London

Jack French London St. PancrasSo with the champagne distributed amongst the guests, Jack unveiled the spectacular clutch bag on the statue and things got started! Some guests moved into the private bar area for canapés and others headed straight for the pop up Jack French London shop, which is open until 13th March in St. Pancras station – if you’re passing and you like shopping, why not pop in? – Not me though, I hate shopping… and I’m also not camp enough to pull off a ladies handbag, but you might be

Corporate magician performing for Martin Penny, GHD co-founder and Jack French London chairman

Oliver performing for Martin Penny – GHD co-founder/Jack French London chairman and son James Penny – Jack French London Marketing Manager

During the 3 hours I was booked as their corporate magician I ‘worked my magic’ for their guests, press and also members of the company to give people something different to talk about, including:

Martin Penny, chairman and also the co-founder of your girlfriends favourite hair straightener company – GHD, who had this to say about me:

“It’s annoying how GOOD you are!”

Martin Penny – Jack French London LTD Chairman, GHD Co-founder

I also met legendary soul singer Beverley Knight who was so stunned when I got her and her friend involved in my close up magic, she couldn’t help but say:

“How the F@£K did you just do that with my phone?!”

Beverley Knight

I tweeted Beverley after the event and she replied with this lovely comment:

Beverley Knight Tweet to corporate magician Oliver Parker

“Your act was insane! I cannot for the love of god figure out how you did that, ace!”

By the way @funprovider is my Twitter username – go follow me!

So throughout the afternoon people kept mentioning that Kate Moss might come back after her lunch but with about half an hour left of the event she contacted one of the staff to let them know she wasn’t up to all the media attention and wouldn’t be returning. Shame, I’ve read she’s a fan of magic too, her loss I suppose…

Close up magician -Jack French LondonBut sales were still ringing through in the shop and there were other VIP’s for me to entertain, so I was having a great time chatting to some exceptionally lovely people!

After the event I conveniently walked over the road to Kings Cross station and got on the train straight back to Leeds – easier than driving to a local event!
Close up magician London - Jack French London corporate eventMost importantly I was back in time to take my gorgeous girlfriend out for a delicious Thai meal – a magical day overall 🙂

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Magician London - Oliver Parker Jack French London

* All photographs in this blog post courtesy of Sam Lane Photography – Thanks Samantha!

Cirque Du Soul – Touring Nightclub Magician

The touring circus themed club night

Last month (January 2013) Cirque Du Soul launched with almighty success in Leeds, selling out of 500 tickets well in advance for their first of potentially 7 club nights across the country.
I met the organiser/promoter behind Cirque Du Soul a couple of months in advance to demo my close up magic and after thoroughly amazing them in their home, himself and his house mates decided they needed me to entertain at their new club night. Awesome!

I knew it was going to be fun, but WOW – bad ass tunes were playing when we arrived early to meet the fire performers, dancers and other staff at Full Circle in Leeds. My friend and fellow b-boy (breakdance) crew member Bruce had also been hired to perform acrobatic stilts, dressed as a clown, as the clubbers were arriving to meet and greet them with something completely outrageous and memorable. Then it was my time to shine with a couple of hours of close up mix and mingle magic. Did you spot my dexterous hands briefly at a few points in the above video handling a pack of cards?
The ravers minds were thoroughly blown and we had an incredible night!

But this is a touring circus themed club night… so we’re doing it all again tonight in Nottingham! I can’t wait, especially as I’ll be travelling down with Bruce again – much fun is about to be had!
We may even get changed after ‘working’ and bust out a few b-boy moves, who knows. Apparently online tickets have now sold out and only a few physical paper tickets are left, so if you want to check out a future month’s Cirque Du Soul and see me performing close up magic in another city – get your tickets early!

Keep your eye on the Cirque Du Soul Facebook page or Cirque Du Soul Twitter profile to see if the night is coming to a venue near you.

I have some sneaky inside info that me and Bruce might be having a day out at the seaside for the next event in Bristol on 1st March, but shhhhhh, you didn’t read it from me…

What currency is this?! Money Magic

Magic with money for rage prevention!

So I recently purchased a shiny new camera – a Sony NEX-5R – which is basically a camera that has an image sensor much larger than your average point-and-shoot camera or consumer HD camcorder and allows interchangeable lenses without it being ridiculously huge and bulky (like a DSLR that you see pro photographers using). As it has a massive image sensor the quality is absolutely stunning, especially when combined with the additional portrait lens I got for it – making the important parts of the shot (me) really stand out from the background!

That’s lovely Oliver, I’m truly thrilled for you… but why are you telling me this?
Well, the above video is the first one I’ve filmed using my new camera, whoop! The super high image quality results definitely justify my hefty purchase, in my mind at least!
So to summarise, I’m well impressed with how professional the video looks and as a result I shall be expressing this excitement to you with more frequent video updates (maybe more photos too)! Yay!

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