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The touring circus themed club night

Last month (January 2013) Cirque Du Soul launched with almighty success in Leeds, selling out of 500 tickets well in advance for their first of potentially 7 club nights across the country.
I met the organiser/promoter behind Cirque Du Soul a couple of months in advance to demo my close up magic and after thoroughly amazing them in their home, himself and his house mates decided they needed me to entertain at their new club night. Awesome!

I knew it was going to be fun, but WOW – bad ass tunes were playing when we arrived early to meet the fire performers, dancers and other staff at Full Circle in Leeds. My friend and fellow b-boy (breakdance) crew member Bruce had also been hired to perform acrobatic stilts, dressed as a clown, as the clubbers were arriving to meet and greet them with something completely outrageous and memorable. Then it was my time to shine with a couple of hours of close up mix and mingle magic. Did you spot my dexterous hands briefly at a few points in the above video handling a pack of cards?
The ravers minds were thoroughly blown and we had an incredible night!

But this is a touring circus themed club night… so we’re doing it all again tonight in Nottingham! I can’t wait, especially as I’ll be travelling down with Bruce again – much fun is about to be had!
We may even get changed after ‘working’ and bust out a few b-boy moves, who knows. Apparently online tickets have now sold out and only a few physical paper tickets are left, so if you want to check out a future month’s Cirque Du Soul and see me performing close up magic in another city – get your tickets early!

Keep your eye on the Cirque Du Soul Facebook page or Cirque Du Soul Twitter profile to see if the night is coming to a venue near you.

I have some sneaky inside info that me and Bruce might be having a day out at the seaside for the next event in Bristol on 1st March, but shhhhhh, you didn’t read it from me…

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