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So I recently purchased a shiny new camera – a Sony NEX-5R – which is basically a camera that has an image sensor much larger than your average point-and-shoot camera or consumer HD camcorder and allows interchangeable lenses without it being ridiculously huge and bulky (like a DSLR that you see pro photographers using). As it has a massive image sensor the quality is absolutely stunning, especially when combined with the additional portrait lens I got for it – making the important parts of the shot (me) really stand out from the background!

That’s lovely Oliver, I’m truly thrilled for you… but why are you telling me this?
Well, the above video is the first one I’ve filmed using my new camera, whoop! The super high image quality results definitely justify my hefty purchase, in my mind at least!
So to summarise, I’m well impressed with how professional the video looks and as a result I shall be expressing this excitement to you with more frequent video updates (maybe more photos too)! Yay!

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