Close Up Magician Frequently Asked Questions

In short – close up magic is the most amazing thing since unleavened bread. For an actual description please read What is close up magic?

Leeds, UK and quite possibly! Please see Areas Covered for more information.

  • How much does it cost to hire a close up magician?

Each event is different, so I provide a bespoke service tailored to your requirements…
To find out how much a close up magician charges contact directly for a free no obligations quote. Please give as many event details as possible and I will do my best to provide an amazing quality service at an affordable price.

  • Why should I hire you as my close up magician?

Good question. This whole website is full of answers as to why you should hire me as your close up magician from 100% previous client satisfaction to having the sleight of hand skill to amaze even the toughest of skeptics, but for convenience I have written a summary on my Facebook page: Ok Oliver, you’re right – a close up magician is a totally bad ass idea, but why should I hire you??

  • How old are you?

I’m currently 29 years old, although I’m trying my best to work my magic and maintain my youthish good looks for as long as possible! 😛

  • How long have you been performing magic?

I have been learning, practising and performing magic for 22 years, since the age of about 7. However my first professional performance was at the age of 14, and I’ve been a full time professional entertainer since 18!

  • Can I meet you in person for a demo of your magic?

Yes! If you are interested in hiring a close up magician for an upcoming event I am available to meet you to demonstrate my close up magic in person and discuss any requirements you may have so you can get a feel for what I do and see how genuinely lovely I am 🙂
Although I prefer meetings to be in Leeds, I can travel to you – depending on the location expenses may be charged but I will let you know in advance.

Every single time I have met with a potential client to give them a demo of my sleight of hand magic it has resulted in them hiring me!
Please contact me with your event details to request a meeting.

  • What is your booking process for hiring a magician?

I try to make everything as easy as possible for you!
Just get in touch for a free quote. Once you have confirmed your booking I will send you an invoice and all details needed – sometimes a deposit payment is required to secure your booking date.

I will then contact you a few days before your event to double check everything. On the day I turn up early to your event and amaze the heck out of you and your guests! I usually arrive ready to perform if the venue isn’t far away, otherwise I will allow plenty of time to get changed as organised in advance.

  • What payment methods do you accept for hiring a magician?

For your convenience I accept the following payment types:

    • Bank transfer
    • Cheque
    • Cash in person
    • Credit or debit card
    • PayPal
    • Google Wallet

I apologise for being unable to accept IOU’s…

Payment is usually required on my arrival at your event or in advance – to make sure everything is sorted so you can enjoy the magic and the rest of your event!

If paying in advance (deposit or full amount) I always contact you to confirm when I have received your payment safely.

  • Are you fully covered with all the necessary insurance?

Yes! For your peace of mind I am fully covered by £10 million worth of Public Liability Insurance as a full member of the professional performers union Equity.
Important note: Some venues will only allow entertainers to perform who are covered by their own PLI insurance, which is why it’s always a good idea to hire a professional magician like myself and to check they are covered!

My insurance certificate can be provided if required by yourself or to forward to the venue – just ask!

  • What do you wear when you perform?

I usually wear a dark suit but there is even a section on my Booking Form where you can specify your event dress code and let me know what you would prefer me to wear! Just state if you’d prefer me to arrive in one of my more dazzling attires.

Guests always comment on how amazing I look with matching shoes – I stand out so everybody instantly knows I’m there to entertain and I’m not easily confused with any other staff.
If you’d prefer I can of course wear something a little more casual – just say so on my Booking Confirmation Form when hiring me!

  • Is that your real hair… and do you wash it?

Yes, I have had clean and tidy dreadlocks for about 11 years now – so yes, I do wash my hair 🙂
Shhhhh…. don’t tell anybody, but my dreadlocks are the secret to all my magic powers…

If you have any unanswered questions, please ask Oliver directly – He’s always happy to help!