What is close up magic?

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Close up magic, sometimes referred to as close-up magic, up close magic, street magic, mix and mingle magic, strolling magic, table magic, walkabout magic, walk around magic, just like you’ve probably seen street magicians David Blaine or Dynamo perform on television, is a modern style of magic that happens right in front of your guests. Instead of the magician performing on a stage, where you might think anything could be achieved with smoke and mirrors, I perform as a specialist close up magician so a lot of the magic happens up close in your guests own hands with playing cards, money and other random everyday objects.

No camera tricks, video editing or CGI – Oliver performs sleight of hand magic and baffles audiences every time…

Completely unbelievable and different to anything they’re likely to have witnessed before!

I love performing close up magic because I get to mix and mingle with your guests, meeting and having a laugh with them in small groups at a time or at each table. 

Each short performance is fresh and unique – close up magic allows me to improvise and customise my performances to suit the people taking part! 

My close up magic is sophisticated, personal and a lot of fun for your guests to take part in! Watch videos of me performing close up magic to get a better understanding.