Secure Online Payment

Most major credit and debit cards accepted – No sign-up required…

If you have received an invoice from Oliver Parker you can submit your payment here.
You will need the invoice number and amount to be paid.

Our online payments are handled securely by PayPal. We never see your financial information as the transaction is dealt with securely and remotely by PayPal.

You can pay with most credit or debit cards, even if you are not a PayPal member (no sign-up necessary), or choose to log in to your PayPal account if you have one for more payment options.

Please carefully follow the steps below to make your payment successfully:

How to Pay

1.‘Payment Type’ – From the drop down box below select whether you just want to make your ‘Deposit Payment‘, complete your ‘Remaining Balance Payment‘ – if you have already paid your deposit or make a ‘Total Fee Payment‘.
2. ‘Invoice Number’ – Please enter your invoice number as shown on the top right of your invoice. Then click ‘Pay Now’ to be taken to PayPal’s secure payment website.
3.‘Description’ – On PayPal’s secure site enter your name and a description of the event you are hiring Oliver for. For example: “Joe Bloggs’ wedding” or “Bloggs & Co. staff Christmas party”.
4.‘Item Price’ Enter the amount of the fee you have selected to pay as shown on your invoice, whether Deposit, Balance or Total Fee.
5.CLICK ‘Update’ – Check that you have entered all details correctly and then click ‘Update’ to update the total payment amount and description.
6.To pay by card click ‘Don’t have a PayPal account?’ and enter your details to pay by card then click ‘Continue’ and follow the instructions. Or log in to your PayPal account and choose how to pay.

When you have read and understood the instructions please select your Payment Type, enter your Invoice Number and then click the Pay Now button below to proceed to the secure PayPal payment website to fill out your event ‘Description’, ‘Unit Price’ then REMEMBER TO UPDATE TOTALS and continue with your payment method.

Pay by card or PayPal account

Payment Type
Invoice Number (e.g. S10101)


No additional surcharge?! How about a donation?

While I am not asking you for an additional surcharge for your online card payment, PayPal still deducts 3.4% + 20 pence from each transaction for processing the payment.

I feel the convenience to you, my clients, of being able to pay by card and PayPal online is well worth my small loss. However, if you would like to donate an additional 3.4% or more on top of your payment feel free to add it on to your ‘Item Price’ when making your payment and I will be exceptionally grateful! Thanks a lot!


The above detailed instructions might appear a bit complex at first. If you need to, you can click here to open this page in a new window, so you can still read the ‘How to Pay’ instructions while clicking through to the PayPal website via the Pay Now button in this web browser window.

The payment process itself is actually fairly simple, however if you have any problems at all please contact me. My contact details can be found in the footer below…

You can also make payments by bank transfer, cheque or cash in person as detailed on your invoice.