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Carried out by: Oliver Parker
Review Date: 30/04/2015

What are the hazards?
Who might be harmed and how?
What are you already doing?
Do you need to do anything else to manage this risk?
Action by whom?
Action by when?
Slips and tripsMagician or guests may be injured if they trip over objects, small children or slip on spillagesWear suitable footwear and clothing to reduce risk of slipping, being aware of surroundings to avoid trippingAlways brief event organisers to keep children under control and supervised at all timesMagicianBefore event
Paper cuts and eye injuriesMagician and audience could potentially get a paper cut opening an envelope, handling playing cards or flicking cards and other propsAlways use top quality playing cards made by reputable company, never flick cards directly at audienceBrief audience to be careful when opening any envelopesMagicianDuring performance
FireMagician and guests at risk of being burnt or causing fireOnly perform effects using fire in suitable controlled environments, away from audience members and any flammable objectsAvoid performing with fire in high risk situations or where venue policy does not allowMagicianOn arrival at venue
Shock from Balloons burstingBalloon could burst when inflating or performing effect causing shock to audience and magicianAlways inflate balloons facing away from audience in case they do burst and hold away from audience members facesUse high quality balloonsMagicianDuring performance
Adverse reaction to magicAudience member could be overly startled by magic and trigger existing health problem such as fainting, heart attack or epileptic fit etc.Choose suitable fit and healthy participants for magic effectsAvoid performing anything too shocking or gory to elderly or infirmMagician and audienceDuring performance
Choking on magician’s propsYoung children could choke on small props or audience could choke if props are accidentally dropped into drinks or food whilst performingAvoid performing with small objects for young children and avoid performing over the top of guests food and drinksIf any props are lost warn guests and ensure they are found if possible, always ensure children are supervisedMagicianDuring performance
Venue specific hazardsMagician or guests may be subject to unexpected riskAlways assess venue and situation on arrival. Consult with event organiser with any remedial action requiredAlways be aware and alert.Magician and event organisersOn arrival at venue