888 Poker Mobile 10 Second Television Commercial Hand Model

Oliver Parker – Hand model for 888 Poker TV advert:

So in January I told you about my exciting time as a fake tanned, made-up hand model for an upcoming television commercial, but because it hadn’t been aired yet, I wasn’t allowed to tell you the details and didn’t have any of the footage to show you…

Well as you can see above, it’s now being aired! I received a text message from my brother one evening who actually saw it before I did on The Discovery Channel and instantly recognised my nimble fingers!

888 Poker – Magician Hand Model

Even though we filmed a whole day of awesome flourishes and fancy tricks with the iPhone’s I knew not to expect anything too flash in the final 10 second edit itself as they had to include all the info and 888 were very adamant that they didn’t want it to look at all ‘magicy’ – obviously as a gambling company, they want to keep some sort of confidence in their customers and having a magician on their advert doing deceiving things wouldn’t be the best of sales ideas.

So there it is, my hands in all of their 10 second iPhone shuffling glory for 888 Poker’s mobile app! If you’re into poker, why not check out their app via the 888 Poker website?

If you’re filming or photographing an advert – get in touch if you need my magic hands to add some dexterity to your campaign!